Rodent Killer - 500 baits

Rodent Killer - 500 baits

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   The fastest treatment: death of rodents within 5 minutes after ingestion of the paste.

   The paste is ultra-attractive for rodents.

   No taste aversion, the poison is undetectable by rats.

   Budget friendly: 500 baits makes it possible to kill up to 500 rodents.

   Careful eradication of rodents, death by cardiac arrest.

   Works for mice, rats, field mice, coypus, voles and moles.

   Elimination of strains of rodents resistant to type 2 rodenticides.

Usage Protocol

  • Wear gloves when using the product.
  • Place baits apart.
  • Spread these baits in all areas where rodents are present.
  • A bait can kill a rat weighing 300 grams.
  • Close exits to avoid attracting other rodents.